Cyber Security Training For Everyone

Build Your Internal Security Squad

Upskill your IT and non-IT teams on Cyber Security

The Best Protection Is An Educated Workforce

Beyond the Simple Security Awareness

Provide your Squad Job-Relevant Security Training

Cyber Squad caters to everyone needs based on job responsibilities, including IT, Security, OT, HR, finance and others. That makes us the most comprehensive and cost effective solution on the market.

Keep Your Squad Engaged And Interested In Security

Cyber Squad delivers engaging, short, and concept-focused video training on the latest cyber security topics, along with gamified interactive CTF style labs.

Set Training Goals And Track Progress

Launch personalized training roadmaps for each job function based on their current skill set. Set goals for your squad and monitor their progress


The Secret is Our Philosophy

In our Philosophy we believe in education first, policing next to manage cyber risks

Always up-to-date training content matching technology trends delivered by top experts 

Comperhensive Library to cover everyone's needs without incurring high costs

Highly interactive with practical training experience, because learning is more effective

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Here’s a Tour of our Platform

Have a look inside Cyber Squad, you will see how powerful and engaging the learning experience is for the learner

Who Can Benefit from Cyber Squad Platform?

Almost Everyone

IT Professionals

Turn your IT team into a virtual security squad and a network of security advocates, assign them security responsibilities after educating them on security concepts related to their job functions

Security Professionals

Build strong cyber security competencies within your security team, equip them to deal with new threats and address new technology risks, and help them focus on the most important security challenges

Non-IT Teams

Cyber Security is Everyone's responsibility, provide Non-IT teams such as HR, Finance, OT, Facilities and everyone else with relevant security training, create additional squad members to help address cyber risks

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Billed Annually

  • Video Library
  • Interactive Labs
  • Constant Updates



Billed Annually

  • Video Library
  • Interactive Labs
  • Constant Updates


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